Our Staff


Owner of Creative Outlet Indian Store, started it all in 1979 as a consignment store for her own silversmith jewelry and other local artists. Over the last 38 years its turned into what it is today a Native American jewelry and crafts store but also much much more! Victoria enjoys her time in Florida with her beloved dog, Gus. Where Victoria creates and sells her own line of jewelry.


Jill has worked at Creative Outlet for 28 years and is Store Manager. Jill is married to Jeff and has three boys Addison, Ethan and Jesse and six grandchildren. Jill loves Native American Jewelry and Art along with working in the store where she gets to meet so many wonderful people. Her favorite thing to do is travel with her husband. They love to mushroom hunt, riding the four wheeler, and any outdoor activities. Jill loves to spend her free time playing with all her grand babies. Jill and Jeff love their family, they like to relaxing on the porch with friends, family and neighbors enjoying her garden and watching the honey bees, hummingbirds, and songbirds that she feeds.


Megan has been with Creative Outlet for 8 years and is Jill’s right hand gal and daughter in law. When you visit Creative Outlet you normally see her in the window, working on website, or interacting with customers. Married her husband Addison in August 2013 and together four year prior. Together they have two daughters. Megan enjoys spending time with her husband and girls, family and extended family that their friends make up. Also enjoys Native American jewelry, stones/crystals, and a variety of music.